01, 2013
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Design Creative Seminar in Shiga

I appear on “a design and the seminar which is creative and accelerates business.”

■ Time and date: Fri., February 1, 2013
opening: — 14:30 / session: — 15:00 / closing: — 18:30
■ The hall: Collaboration Shiga 21. The third floor Inside conference room (2-1, Uchidehama, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken) (
■ Timetable
15:00: It is a 15:10:[part I] talk session about session “blend Kansai creative network.”
Advanced IT& design case introduction (four companies of panelists) in Shiga Prefecture “if design creative is blended in business ”
blender Doors, Inc. Representative director Toda Katsumi Him
16:10: Break (layout change)
16:25: It is if a design and creative are added as new essence of [part II] group session => business deployment…

O Mix a blender, talk together freely and find the hint of new deployment!
17:20: Group session comment
18:00: Blend time (card exchange meeting)
18:30: Closing