Product name Lindo Cup
Size 80x80x150mm / 300ml
Material Shigaraki translucent ceramic(china and porcelain of translucency:patent application 2009-256638)
Weight 290g
Price ¥5,400(including tax)
Designer Masahiro Minami / Art Director of SOUHOUGAMA

Lindo Cup(tall)

Design concept

This is a glass made from translucent ceramic developed in Shigaraki. It’ made with a potter’s wheel and the feel of material is very unique and different from other ceramic. Only inside is glazed and you can feel the material outside. The more you use it, the more the feeling gets better. People can use it as a wine glass or in various way.

Designer's voice

“Lindo” means beautiful in Spanish. This cup has sence of translucence and matches wine or ice cream. Have a nice time with this cup.

Order of the product

Please contact from here to order.