Product name SENKO
Size 225x225x180mm
Material Shigaraki translucent ceramic(china and porcelain of translucency:patent application 2009-256638)
Electricity consumption 10W
Weight 1.5kg
Price ¥20,000(excluding tax)
Shipping cost Please contact us.
Designer Masahiro Minami / Art Director of SOUHOUGAMA


Design concept

I made use of a special feature of Shigaraki ceramics which allows light to pass through even if it is thick.I divided a typical lampshade into polygons, twisted and crease them on a computer. Then the lampshade has a fertile expression.When it’s lit, the shadow appears by it’s different thickness made by a technique of casting.

Designer's voice

Originally, I designed this lamp with Japanese paper. In making this lamp with ceramics, the productivity is more increased than making it with Japanese paper and it shows more interesting appearance.

Order of the product

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