Product name SUIRIN
Size 390x390x150mm
Material Shigaraki translucent ceramic(china and porcelain of translucency:patent application 2009-256638)
Electricity consumption 28W
Weight 8kg
Traps Please use Traps which fits to the 32Φ internal diameter.
Price Please contact us.
Shipping cost Asia ¥10,200
Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle and Near East ¥14,000
Europe ¥16,200
South America, Africa ¥27,400
Designer Masahiro Minami / Art Director of SOUHOUGAMA


Design concept

A motif of this design is a spiral of light. A feature of this design is a line drawn with a single stroke of the brush following an outline of the square and dropping into center. There is no design that inside of the washbowl is three-dimentional and elaborate design until now.

Why the washbowl shines?

LED shines the whole body from inside of the ceramics. A manufacturing method called casting made it possible to make space in the ceramics. It’s shines not because the ceramics is thin, but it’s made of special material and it has 8mm thickness.

Designer's voice

To think of a translucent ceramic washbowl, I made the best of different thickness comes from casting. The washbowl can Innovatively change the washroom which has been a supporting role until now. There is a fresh surprise to see the light through a translucent ceramic washbowl and water together.

Order of the product

Please contact from here to order.