Product name Potteclo Quadrangular prism
Size 180x180x310mm
Material Shigaraki translucent ceramic(china and porcelain of translucency:patent application 2009-256638)
Electricity consumption 6W
Weight 4kg
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Designer Yoshihisa Okuda

Potteclo Quadraugular prism

Design concept

Potteclo is a coined word that combines pottery and cloth. I challenged to produce a new lighting with Shigaraki translucent ceramic. I made it possible to make a lighting looks like a cloth and it seems like a sculpture. At a glance, it looks like just a square lighting, but when you turn on the light, designed shadows are created. You can enjoy the appearance of this lightning both when it’s ON & OFF.

Why the washbowls shines?

LED shines the whole body from inside of the ceramics. A manufacturing method called casting made it possible to make space in the ceramics. It’s shines not because the ceramics is thin, but it’s made of special material and it has 8mm thickness.

Order of the product

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